The Secret Alien Agenda and the Stupidity Virus

With all due allusion to fable, magic and metaphor, and maybe even an try at allegory, the “secret alien agenda” pertains to a cosmic conspiracy. There isn’t any intent to any references, direct or oblique, with regard to unlawful human trespassing throughout sovereign borders of varied international locations. As well as, the “stupidity virus” suggests the devolving state of human interactivity as issues the regressive tendencies to keep away from proof pushed rational evaluation.

In post-modern societies, the allegation is that details, the burden of proof, and scientific validation, is commonly dismissed in favor of emotional reactivity within the perpetration of delinquent commentary. For the satiation of amative urges for egocentric intentions, by means of harmful subjective validation, the pressure of willful animosity contravenes the progress and development of the human species. Briefly, human civilization dooms its personal demise.

Many complicated components, intentional, purposeful and premeditated, conspire and collude to convey in regards to the sixth nice extinction upon the planet. Based on one report, showing in a widely known publication of a nationally acknowledged geographic establishment, that query is posed to the readership. Will the human race survive the following international extinction occasion? Reply, probably no, not if stupidity reaches pandemic ranges, and idiocy is on the rise.

In 3D comedian style, the characterization of this willful planetary exploitation is exhibited in a fictional story-line. Together with colourful characters, the fictional quick story, in addition to the digital artistry, portrays the adventures of a valiant authorities agent. Her mission is to show the “secret alien agenda” for the unfold of the interstellar “stupidity virus”. Naturally, many enemies come up, together with mad scientists, company elitists, robotic entities, and politicians.

In fact, the intriguing facets of all of it is poking enjoyable at inane social commentary. Foolish and unintelligent conjecture permeates social media, 24/7 alleged information cycles, speak present “speaking heads”, and mirrors the reflection of the narcissus pool of “two dimensional considering”. This providing of the nebulous descriptor of “2D considering” stems from a film script line from a well-known “star-fleet” film. It refers back to the darkness of evil in a malevolent character, in addition to the shortcoming to suppose creatively, with logical utility of rational evaluation. Additional up to now, a significant suppose tank, with a protracted U.S. authorities analysis historical past did a significant research on the problem.

Accordingly, the aforementioned research asserted what is likely to be termed “reality decay”, as more and more the erosion of reliance on details, proof, crucial considering, and insistence upon well-defended factors of view. As an alternative, fiction over details pervades the social nexus and mainstream claims of believability. Emotional reactivity within the maladaptive tendencies to safeguard subjective validation with fixed appeals to fallacies of inference. This after all lends facetious credence to hasty generalizations bordering on ethnic, racial, sexual and political divisiveness.

Therefore, the metaphorical assertion of the “secret alien agenda”. It’s satirical and meant to poke enjoyable at stupidity, selfishness and condescending self-interests. Not solely that, but in addition the self-centered and egoistic vanity that strains the boundaries of believability. Nonetheless, specious conjecture and nebulous notions, absent the proof, are broadly accepted. As well as, coupled with an ignorance of historic occasions, idiocy raises harmful potentialities. Simplistic hassle freethinking degrades the chance of significant discourse.

Sadly, most individuals usually are not historical past buffs, nor do most be taught from important historic crises. As such, human nature suggests not a lot modifications and other people don’t change very a lot over time. As to evil, that is merely the illicit, illegal and mean-spirited inflictions some individuals do to different individuals. Once more, the reflection is that of egregious selfishness by means of intentional silly conduct. Silly refers additionally to lazy considering or a scarcity of crucial considering from a constructive standpoint and professes empathy for others, and promotion of the better good.

For that vileness, by neither gratitude or reverence, perseverance or progress, nice numbers of individuals declare the entitlement of selfishness. To this, the echo, the reflection of mirrored conception, decries the very essence of self-evolving ascension. Failing to climb to greater ranges or loftier peaks of neural instigation, the demise of willfulness covers a grave from which the useless stand up stupider than earlier than. Battle with fixed raging storms of ignorance flood the establishments from one ship of commerce to a different port of academia. Foolishness undermines actuality.

Stupidity additionally represents different descriptors whereby individuals usually perpetrate the protected, comfy and indifferent mediocrity of silly behaviors. Some would possibly declare there’s a social lack of one thing referred to as widespread sense, or a scarcity thereof. Used right here, the time period is utilized as an example the poignancy of how such willful behaviors adversely have an effect on social tradition. Absurd, inane and foolhardy conjecture, whether or not by the information media or politicians, hastens human devolution.

Other than the terminology employed to explain the devolving state of the human species, “aliens” are concerned as an example the continuing state of irresponsibility. Blaming others, issues, entities, devices, unknown forces, unscientific “diagnoses”, cell telephones, the web, and many others., one can evade accountability. Performing silly and discovering handy excuses for ignorance, or another person’s fault, together with criminality, avoids the legal responsibility of non-public duty.

The factional, sectarian, and “alienation” of the inhabitants continues to escalate right into a myriad of mucking about with all method of simplistic conjecture. In fact, to digress, the act of mucking applies in a number of methods. For instance, if an individual ever labored at a horse driving secure, or on a farm, the act of mucking issues the elimination of manure or different wastes from an animal’s stall. Such is a particular facet of eradicating one thing soiled or of no use from the environment.

To stretch the phrase utilization a bit of additional, if social media, political campaigning or information reporting had been seen as “muck”, then maybe shoveling out the “verbal excrement” can be applicable. Casual British utility refers to one thing of no worth or no use. Regardless, the illustration is towards a burgeoning state of adverse and condescending conduct. A lot of the interactivity devolves to a conflicting state of affairs. It’s one during which almost each act or verbal alternate is probably seen as offensive to somebody or some group.

To keep away from upsetting the infantile tendencies, or non-self-evolving emotionalism, pretentious claims of civility likewise encourage a dumbing down of annalistic considering processes. The perpetration of comfy ignorance does nothing to advance the human species, but fosters the protected mediocrity of fiction over truth. Modern fallacies of inference, degenerating into hasty generalizations, hastens the decay of rational well-reasoned seek for authenticity.

Modern “fables, fictions, and fairytales” persist in spreading an array of fictional tales projecting particular person and group interpersonal inadequacies. Within the post-modern period, whereas some nonetheless blame demon possession for the dangerous issues individuals do, others discover a wide range of scapegoats reminiscent of alien conspiracies. To sanctify and in any other case justify an assortment of mitigations, area aliens grow to be the perpetrators behind the scenes plotting international domination. One on-line “alternate information” supply cites a researcher’s declare that the U.S. authorities made a particular settlement with a sure group of aliens. Based on the supply in query, that association allowed the aliens to conduct experiments on people. In reference to that assertion, the metaphorical insinuation resulted within the general idea of “the key alien agenda and the stupidity virus”.

As to the need to rise above the primordial depravity of mental devolution, extraordinary efforts of psychophysical vitality deal with particular person enrichment. Regardless, whereas just a few valiant fans embrace studying, in addition to private individuation, most are keen to just accept a non-invasive comfy stage of established order mundane mediocrity. On this realm, the various will discover straightforward seduction to the submissiveness of much less clever prospects. Within the social mainstream of techno-folly and inconsiderate self-gratification, emotional reactivity foments the terrors of hasty generalizations and divisive rushes to judgmental behaviors.

In the meantime in actual science, not the faux sort present in academia just like the “social research” fields, some astrophysicist scoff on the notion aliens go to planet earth. For just a few scientists, people are, in all probability, too silly for alien interplay. Then once more, perhaps they need silly people for different functions, as in pure sources, farming, and “herd” manufacturing and so forth. Warnings emerge, together with an admonition to watch out for what you would like. How people deal with every is critical in among the assertions relating to alien observations of individuals. Therefore, the priority of some scientists that when people colonized a part of the plant, they exploited the indigenous populations of the world of exploration. Subjugation and enslavement ensued thereafter.

Figuratively talking, to jest and amuse on the egregious fallacies of inference so rife in social media, in addition to mainstream alleged information reporting, the alien stupidity virus spreads shortly. As soon as injected, ingested or in any other case contaminated by physique fluid contact, the idiocy stage rises. To the purpose that critical debate, dialogue or analytic discourse turns into more and more debasing, the deterioration of interpersonal communication devolves tragically. Once more, that is solely an allusion to the present state of affairs relative to eroding mental processes.

In an age of techno-innovation, many falter in formulating cheap and rational foundations for efficient psychodynamic inquiry. Important considering is more difficult than ever. As to advances in expertise, small teams of inventive individuals engineer these intelligent mechanistic innovations. These are good individuals, however then once more, they’re inclined to various levels of stupidity as soon as they go away their explicit area. Against this, the overwhelming majority don’t invent advances in a spread of scientific endeavors. As an alternative, the lots of the populace are merely shoppers. Furthermore, consumerism is grossly obsessive and gluttonous.

From a maybe extra sinister viewpoint, relying in your conjecture, an commentary has repeatedly asserted the collusion between mass media and mass advertising and marketing. Gross sales, promoting, and consumption-oriented promotions are relentless. As alleged information media sources are owned by main company entities, so are the businesses that promote merchandise. Massive multinational companies, with international funding as effectively, promote and in any other case flood the technique of telecommunications with incessant barking to purchase, promote, ingest, eat, and “cannibalize” supplies items.

Whereas not each enterprise, company, or business enterprise needs to be seen as “evil”, with sinister collusion amongst “galactic alien” forces, a majority could also be noticed as dangerously self-serving. A few of which, just isn’t for the better good or of great utilitarian worth. Of the networks of rich, elite and politically linked, a small portion of the inhabitants hierarchy management the vast majority of materials sources. This additionally consists of the potent affect upon particular person and group decision-making. The place individuals refuse to self-evolve, stupidity turns into straightforward.

Once more, “galactic alien” conspiracy is a metaphorical adaption of intentional and voluntary dumbing down of the populace, whereby much less honorable individuals can management them. It is all illusionary to poke enjoyable at “anti-thinking” infused with emotional reactivity. For the lazy, indecisive and people vulnerable to magical considering, particularly the uncreative and marginal thinkers, the tyranny of energy, management and domination just isn’t troublesome to attain. A studied look at most politicians and a broad primarily based assumption may be manufactured from the widespread societal idiocy.

As such, the “alien stupidity” virus more and more passes from one self-aggrandizing political ideologue to the following. Within the age of the selfie, the narcissistic reflection, by way of the wanting glass of conceit, appropriately echoes the silly vanity of contemporary politicians. Quite a lot of mythological characters may function applicable archetypes. Moreover, the not so hidden agenda contained herein is that there aren’t any excuses for silly, inept, incompetent and in any other case fool conduct. The actualization of free will does away with protection and mitigations on the contrary. Individuals are purposeful, deceitful, and intentional of their antics.

Deterministic illusions, espoused by some colleges of thought inside the realms of the “social research”, function excusatory alibis for willful mitigations. As such the alien stupidity virus is an efficient cowl story to clarify away the illicit and unlawful perpetrations of egocentric counter-social afflictions. In a tradition the place any “psycho-diagnosis” will do, something is justifiable. Simplistic notions projecting specious conjectures simply explains mysterious complexities.

In grips of the stupidity virus, after a short incubation time following the transmittal of the pathogen, emotional reactivity and dismissive condescension change cause and rationality. Details are changed by the overwhelming reliance on emotions as a substitute of hardcore evidentiary substantiation. From a macabre perspective, maybe cynical consideration, maladaptive considering at a primeval stage might be good for a rapaciously uncontrolled shopper tradition. For the various who usually are not vulnerable to in-depth crucial evaluation, choose simplistic considering and instant gratification, restricted views are extra suitable with complacency.

Based on some commentary on modern social points, the atmosphere in western societies depicts the phantasm that hope springs everlasting for utopic ascension. A various vary of situations demonstrates on the contrary and suggests a devolution of the human species. Accusations tackle points associated to the state of training, in addition to political processes, during which it seems individuals are more and more poor in areas of crucial considering. Allegedly, just a few researchers are inclined to deduce that the inhabitants usually reveals a sort of “mindlessness” that makes social downside fixing harder. The stupidity virus is spreading.

With a “zombified” inhabitants, socio-political and financial interactivity grows increasingly troublesome and contentious by way of advancing the human species. At the moment, throughout the broad spectrum of the mainstream, the stupidity issue displays tense and temperamental over-reaction to the slightest trace of disagreement. Confrontations culminate in tense shut encounters all kinds during which violence might erupt to make sure somebody’s instant gratification.

Any reference to “shut encounters of the third sort”, as traditionally steered in science fiction film style, is a passing reference to divisive condescension infecting social media. So typically, the philosophical battles enter the image that ultimately fatigue good intentions on the contrary. A number of get weary within the unending technique of questioning if there’s such a factor as widespread sense. As such, to train a profound sense of selflessness in devotion to mature and enlightened perspective calls for the due diligence of exhausting work.

Matureness, rising up, performing like an grownup who accepts the accountability of duty, invokes a particular sort of braveness. Sadly, shortly gratifying the whims of juvenile narcissism, and insisting upon the superficiality of subjective validation, will get in the way in which of being an genuine particular person. To grab daring alternatives to remodel and be a greater model than the unique imperfection requires distinctive valor, in addition to lifelong dedication.

Against this, to presumptions of maturation, in a “crybaby” tradition with a “snowflake” society, hypothesis suggests the stupidity virus undergoes mutations. In a journal article a number of years in the past, a social theorist wrote of the “sore loser” inclination rampant in trendy American society. As an alternative of pulling collectively as loyal opposition when one facet loses an election, the pattern is riot and destroy property. Quite than foster cohesiveness for the promotion of the overall welfare, ranting, fuming and sowing discord is preferable. In furtherance of the inane nature of the viral infectiousness, from anti-thinking to “racial victimology”, human regression continues.

Within the course of, typically is heard some use of a handy excusatory precursor to illicit behaviors. This consists of issues like “snapped”, “misplaced it”, or “triggered”, in addition to different simplistic descriptors. A number of others used are damaged, cracked, shattered, and sparked. Whereas at it, would possibly as effectively throw in bit, or bitten, just like the zombie virus, similar to the alien viral an infection. Nonetheless, don’t cease there. Embrace demonic possession too. Use each potential inauthentic mitigation, pretense, apology or alibi. Equally, rationalize intentional aberrations with a psychological prognosis. Overlook scientific validity or evidentiary substantiation. Crybaby tradition calls for apologies.

For the key alien agenda, the unfold of the stupidity virus, metaphorically talking, is a parody for the anti-thinking emotionalism of a collapsing tradition. To satiate egocentric rationalizations, ignorance is an internal caricature of non-public mockery. With all of the potential for extraordinary self-actualization, and even greater in enlightened transformation, many squander their inventive ascension. Refusing to develop up, to stay the perpetual little one, and demand on the echo of reflective imagery of oneself, are central options of a society edging towards collapse.

The development of the human species requires sensible improvements in collaborative constructive downside fixing. Professional-social enterprises to reinforce the commonwealth of everybody, by means of equitable, selfless and mutually useful contributions, persevere to avert disastrous penalties. But, for humanity, possibly, time is working out. Gluttonous conspicuous consumption past the capability to restore and replenish succeeded in reaching a degree of no return. In the meantime, stupidity finds refuge in bigotry, inequity of each sort, exploitation of the atmosphere, and the vanity of ignorance. Condescending babble spews negativism all through social media and mainstream alleged information shops. In lieu of pushed by details, fictitious claims masquerade as “proof” in assist of specious fallacies of inference. A devolving milieu more and more exhibits signs of the key alien agenda and unfold of the stupidity virus.

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