The Mind, The Ego & The Thoughts

Are you aware how intimately linked we’re to our physique and thoughts? The vitality that retains us alive, the place does it come from? When it leaves the physique, the physique dies. The place does this vitality go?

Most of us are concerned in our day by day routine of residing and surviving on this planet earth. Regardless of all of the technical information and advances we have now made by way of science, we have now loads of proof that our psychological well being is deteriorating. It’s as a result of most individuals do not know how the thoughts works. Right here I’ll strive that will help you perceive my understanding of the thoughts. You wouldn’t have to consider what I say, however please attempt to disprove it in your thoughts and see if what I write is sensible.

It’s evident there’s a larger intelligence past our pondering course of at work. If we checked out our physique, we expect it’s our mind the place all our brilliance lies. It’s as a result of the mind is the bodily half we use for pondering and reasoning. If we’re unable to make use of our mind for any cause, we’d really feel handicapped. The mind protects us from our surroundings and helps us take evasive motion if any hazard threatens us. With out the mind, we’d not survive or perceive our world and our thoughts. Life would turn out to be difficult if we couldn’t use our brains.

Thus the mind performs a vital function in our notion of actuality. It’s the organ we use to grasp our thoughts. It’s the organ that helps us understand actuality. If we didn’t use it correctly, it’s the organ that may result in bodily and psychological ill-health. It’s the organ the thoughts makes use of to precise our abilities and character. With out the mind, the thoughts can’t operate absolutely. So what’s the thoughts? As I see it, the thoughts is the vitality supply (the present) that retains us alive.

For comfort, we will divide it into two elements, the aware and the unconscious. However in actuality, we have now one thoughts. The self or ego operates within the aware a part of the thoughts. It’s a focus of our need to outlive on this planet. It’s territorial and possessive and needs to regulate every little thing. It builds itself (ego-boost) on the information and experiences in life to turn out to be a well-defined entity and hides behind beliefs. It desires to proceed to dwell endlessly and is tied to time. It has an immense capability to delude itself. We want the ego to interpret actuality in entrance of us. We additionally want the mind to develop our egos. With out the ego, we can’t operate as people. The mind permits the ego to expertise consciousness and consciousness, that are the property of the thoughts. So one can see how intimately the mind and the ego are linked.

Nevertheless, our unconscious thoughts can also be linked to the mind. It controls all our very important features and programs in our physique, such because the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system and many others. Individuals take the unconscious thoughts with no consideration and present little or no understanding of how the ego influences the unconscious thoughts. It’s the unconscious thoughts that makes us glad or unhappy, relying on how we stimulate it. It has no discriminating energy. It doesn’t acknowledge proper from improper, the great from the dangerous. No matter we do in life, we’re all the time attempting to appease our unconscious thoughts. As an example, once we pray to God or another entity, we attempt to appease our unconscious thoughts. We’re doing the identical factor once we are enjoying music, dancing, singing and many others. Our unconscious thoughts is the piano we use to play the tune we would like. The keys of the piano are the phrases we use to provide a particular sound. We will play a cheerful tune or a tragic tune, relying on how we use the phrases. Subsequently, should not we attempt to perceive how our unconscious thoughts works?

If we checked out our physique, intelligence permeates proper by way of, from the central (the mind) to the person mobile degree. Sure, there’s notion happening even on the mobile degree. Each cell in our physique is aware of its operate and the way to change itself. The pores and skin cells know their operate of defending us from the skin setting, the lung cells know the way to switch oxygen from the air, the kidney cells know the way to purify our blood, the digestive cells within the gastrointestinal system know the way to digest meals and many others., and so it goes on. All that is below unconscious management. Even our immune system, which entails the therapeutic course of, is below unconscious management. The aware thoughts, the place the ego operates, has little or no management however not directly influences all these areas. Therefore, ignoring the unconscious thoughts and taking it with no consideration could be a silly factor to do. But, it’s what we have now been doing and are doing as we speak.

So what occurs once we incur some harm to our mind? One can have a stroke or have a head damage from a fall. One can endure from some degenerative mind illness like Alzheimer’s or a motor neuron illness, and many others. The signs and indicators we’ll endure from will rely on the world of the affected mind. We will lose our consciousness, lose our reminiscence, or we will turn out to be paralyzed, and many others. When this occurs, our ego or self can’t operate accurately. We are going to really feel handicapped. When an individual turns into mind lifeless, the aware thoughts or the ego can’t operate in any respect. But, the unconscious thoughts can preserve the very important features going, and the individual can proceed to dwell. After we change off the life assist system, the physique dies because the thoughts separates from the physique. Sure, our mind is just like the {hardware} of the pc system. If it malfunctions for any cause, the software program (the thoughts) will crash.

An ideal instance of a thoughts trapped in a crippled physique is the case of Dr Stephen Hawkins. He was a British scientist who suffered for 55 years from motor neuron illness, which solely affected the motor areas of his mind. Since different areas of his mind have been unaffected, his ego (the aware thoughts) may operate usually; that’s, he may assume and cause. Subsequently, it’s clear that particular areas of our mind are concerned in sustaining our consciousness and consciousness, with out which the ego can’t function.

Within the Brisbane Courier-Mail Qweekend Journal of 24/4/2021, there was a narrative about three younger adults aged 20,21 and 22 from totally different backgrounds dying of their sleep. They went to sleep and by no means wakened. They suffered from epilepsy and died from SUDEP (Sudden Sudden Demise in Epilepsy). This tragedy exhibits that any defect in our mind may cause it to malfunction, and our life might be in danger.

Our psychological and bodily well being relies on our capability to make use of our mind not only for ego-building train but in addition to grasp how our thoughts works. We should always find out how the ego influences the unconscious thoughts. We should always turn out to be conscious of how our perceptions affect our pondering and the way our pondering impacts our actions. Our notion of time that we have now created makes us time-travellers. We’re caught on this internet of time and all the time travelling between the previous, current and future. However in actuality, there isn’t a such factor as time.

There’s a timeless dimension throughout us. It’s simply as actual because the time dimension of our creation. The one factor that separates the 2 is our notion. Everybody experiences this timeless dimension infrequently when the observer in thoughts and what’s being noticed turn out to be one phenomenon. However as a result of the ego is so depending on pondering and terrified of disappearing into the timeless that it can’t acknowledge it.

To expertise the timeless dimension, one ought to go to the mountain high or out within the bush away from any man-made constructions. Right here the pull of nature is so highly effective that it’s simple to look at the phenomenon of the observer in your thoughts, and what’s being noticed turn out to be one. However one can expertise this wherever. When this occurs, you’ll uncover that we have now just one thoughts. Your thoughts is experiencing eternity on this state, and you’re absolutely alert and conscious of each your inside and outer worlds. The ego is there, and you aren’t in a trance. You’ll notice that you’re not separate however one with the universe. You’ll notice that you’re additionally a part of this timeless dimension. There is no such thing as a pondering however simply consciousness. However as soon as the ego makes use of phrases to explain what you see, you’ll revert to our acquainted time zone.

From the above observations, one can see that we have now just one thoughts, and the ego isn’t the entire thoughts. The ego can’t function successfully with no wholesome mind. The mind permits the ego to assume and cause. The mind permits us to understand actuality. The ego ties itself to time with out realizing that it is part of the timeless dimension.

What the ego is creating is an escapist world as we speak. The extra one tries to flee from actuality, the extra out of contact with actuality one turns into. It’s distorting our perceptions, and we’ll endure from extra psychological well being issues.

It’s, subsequently, time to grasp our ego higher and turn out to be conscious of our perceptions and pondering. Now we have to make use of our brains to grasp the timeless dimension and lose the worry of loss of life earlier than our thoughts separates from the physique. With out self-knowledge, you’re like a ship with out an engine on the ocean of life. The tough seas will buffet you. You’ll be worse for put on while you arrive at your vacation spot. Nevertheless, if you wish to be a ship that may plough by way of the tough seas with out a lot effort, empower your self with the engine of self-knowledge.

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