Renaissance Science and the Music of an Extinct Sea Monster

What may it imply when it’s found {that a} bizarre, grotesque, extinct sea ammonite was capable of ship evolutionary info by way of 20 million years of space-time to affect the design of a modern-day seashell creature? A clue to answering the query may nicely be that it seems to have been designed to drift upright, suggesting an evolutionary course of higher understood within the days of historic Greece than by fashionable science. Nipponites Mirabilis, Stone of Japan, had a primitive, snake-like, twisted shell from which emerged a small squid-like creature that floated alongside slowly in an historic sea to ensnare its meals. The proof that the traditional Greek life-science might need been appropriate, overwhelmingly argues that Darwin’s evolutionary theories seem like out of date.

Through the Nineteen Eighties Italy’s main science journal Il Nuovo Cimento printed papers written by the Australian Science-Artwork Centre’s mathematician, Chris Illert, through which he was capable of generate simulations of seashells indistinguishable from color images of the dwelling seashell. By reducing the harmonic construction of the related formulation that he had constructed, a simulation of the creature’s ancestor fossil was generated. By reducing the formulation by a lesser harmonic a wierd, compacted, tube-like fossil simulation was obtained.

The grotesque seashell design was recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as being an correct simulation of Nipponites Mirabilis. Illert grew to become the primary individual to reveal that the extinct ammonite had been capable of transmit design info throughout 20 million years of house time to affect the design of a dwelling creature. His optics discovery was reprinted in 1990 by the world’s largest technological analysis institute as an essential discovery from the twentieth Century literature.

Illert’s arithmetic was related to Renaissance geometries and appreciable controversy was generated on the time. Some students, such because the late Dr George Cockburn, Royal Fellow of Drugs, London, proposed that the evolutionary logic belonged to the common space-time logic of fractal geometry. This was not a well-liked concept as a result of mainstream science was, and nonetheless is, ruled by Einstein’s premier legislation of all of science. Though the infinite logic of fractal geometry is kind of acceptable to fashionable science, all life within the universe should be destroyed, a dying sentence demanded by the Einsteinian world view. The Science-Artwork Centre’s Dr Cockburn, fairly aware of Chris Illert’s analysis, devoted the remainder of his life to linking creative inventive thought to the functioning of common fractal logic. Cockburn’s optical theories led to a modification to Leonardo’s Principle of all data, which efficiently confirmed Darwinian life-science theories to be based mostly upon false assumptions.

Leonardo da Vinci thought of that the attention was the important thing to gaining all data, an idea that Plato thought of belonged to barbaric engineering, as a result of such ideas ignored his non secular optical engineering ideas. The engineer, Buckminster Fuller, based mostly his synergistic life-energy discoveries upon Plato’s moral optics analysis. Fuller’s work was constructed upon a fractal mathematical logic suitable with Cockburn’s printed medical analysis. Fullerene logic is now upholding a brand new fractal logic life-science chemistry endorsed by the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry.

Leonardo’s theories had been modified as a result of, when the sperm makes contact with the liquid crystal membrane of the ovum the attention doesn’t exist and life is instigated although the functioning of liquid crystal fractal logic optics. This discovery linked the human evolutionary course of to historic prehistoric life types whose fatty acids had typically mixed with minerals to type liquid crystal soaps which, when influenced by cosmic X-Radiation, grew into crystalline formations exhibiting sure fractal functioning related to human evolution.

The invention of a switch of fractal evolutionary info from a small extinct sea creature throughout 20 million years of space-time indicated a facet of fractal life-science intelligence nicely past Darwinian evolutionary idea. Additionally it is nicely past the primitive expertise of contemporary science, nevertheless, it’s in step with Platonic non secular engineering ideas now related to a brand new life-science chemistry. The human sphenoid bone vibrates the identical seashell life-energy forces utilized by Nipponities Mirabilis to assist advance fractal logic evolution. The human vibrations are involved with the seashell design of the human cochlea, designed to not preserve a creature upright in water, however to maintain people upright on land.

Texas Univerity’s Dr Richard Merrick has researched and adequately developed the electromagnetic fractal logic of life discovered functioning throughout the human inventive cerebral mechanisms. This functioning may be thought of to be established by the sphenoid’s liquid crystal programming. Dr Merrick’s work is related to Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres fractal life-science world view, which may be thought of to be related to the life-force track sung by Nipponites Mirabilis. So as to develop human survival expertise, we are able to now ask the sphenoid the place it needs to go. From the humanoid fossil file, every time the sphenoid adjustments its form a brand new specie emerges. By making use of data concerning the harmonic music sung by a grotesque little sea monster floating alongside in an historic sea close to the Japanese coast, we are able to envisage a futuristic supra- expertise linking us to a actuality 20 million years into the longer term.

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