New Ebook Presents Solutions to Science Puzzles With Life-Affirming Solutions

The Unitive Discipline is a stunning e-book. It is filled with colour and delightful footage, however extra importantly, mind-blowing ideas as large because the black holes in a few of its photographs.

Fredrick Swaroop Honig’s purpose in penning this e-book is to mix the science of physics with the science of consciousness. Contemplating that Honig is said to the groundbreaking scientist Lise Meitner, and he himself is an ordained monk within the Holy Order of Sannyas, a minister of Integral Yoga, and the guardian of a botanical backyard and chook sanctuary in Maui, that makes for a not-so-surprising however positively fascinating purpose. Honig achieves that purpose with nice simplicity on this quick 140-page e-book that may depart you crammed with surprise and desirous to learn it once more to be sure you did not miss something.

The e-book is organized into twelve main chapters, each asking a basic query that is still unanswered within the present normal mannequin of physics. Honig then offers insightful solutions to those questions. Whereas I am not a scientist, I discovered the solutions fascinating and life-affirming. I’ve learn books on quantum physics which have made me imagine within the scientific foundation of such concepts because the Legislation of Attraction; due to this fact, this e-book resonated with my non secular facet and I discovered that the science in these pages validated a lot of my very own beliefs about life, the Universe, and our motive for being on this planet.

Earlier than introducing his twelve basic questions, Honig spends a couple of pages discussing how the thought of the Unitive Discipline is based in science, and he offers quotes from Albert Einstein, Lise Meitner, and Isaac Newton to help that assertion. He factors out that Einstein “spent the second half of his life looking for one principle that might clarify all of the legal guidelines of physics. Intuitively, he believed that every one of nature’s legal guidelines can be defined by one basic legislation that he known as Unified Discipline Principle.” Honig additionally factors out that like his maternal grandmother’s cousin, Lise Meitner, he was inspired to “Take heed to your mother and father however suppose for your self.”

A number of of the twelve questions Honig asks are: What number of dimensions exist within the universe? What’s the nature of consciousness, and the way did it come up? Will the universe proceed to develop, or will it contract again into singularity? What components govern the evolution of life types within the universe? What’s human consciousness & free will, and the way can it align with unitive consciousness and intention?

Honig then offers solutions to every query, and though every chapter is comparatively quick, each can also be jammed with extra data than I can describe in such a brief evaluation. Subsequently, I am going to simply point out a few the factors that stunned and delighted me.

One was the thought of a Hreem, the facility of the life drive, and the way it ties to a creature’s intention and need to reside. Honig lists completely different creatures on earth and the power of their need to exist, or extra particularly, “the magnitudes of the Hreem drive’s causal intentions (ci) within the evolutionary development of life types.” He says that “a virus has an intention to reside and propagate that’s equal to .01 Hreem.” By comparability, a chook’s is 10,000 and a human’s is 1,000,000. For me, whereas I respect all types of life, this defined to me lots about lifespans of varied organisms in addition to the diploma of the precariousness of their existence.

What I most appreciated, although, was the e-book’s optimistic message and the way it was backed up by scientific and mathematic calculations. We reside in a tradition filled with doom and gloom and predictions of the world’s impending destruction, however Honig discusses how the universe expands and goes by way of cycles of 144 billion years. He states, “In line with Unitive Discipline Principle, solely the expansive drive of the massive launch and the contractive gravitational drive of the universe’s collective mass-energy decide this enlargement charge. Subsequently, the universe’s charge of enlargement isn’t rising. The universe will in the end recycle again into the primal singularity, and never one atom, nor one calorie of vitality, shall be misplaced within the course of.” Moreover, “Unitive Discipline Principle predicts that the universe will reverse its enlargement inside 72 billion years from the massive launch and can, inside the subsequent 72 billion years, contract and return to its primal singularity… That is an everlasting cycle. What goes up will come down. All of nature strikes in cycles; there are not any one-way journeys in nature. This universe shall be recycled into the following universe.”

I think about this assertion signifies that the world might be destroyed, however even when that occurs, to some extent, we’re all everlasting since not “one calorie of vitality, shall be misplaced within the course of.”

As Honig concludes, “In reality, we’re one. There isn’t a division between any of us, or between us, and the Unitive Discipline itself. There exists just one Unitive Discipline of consciousness, and we’re all elements of that discipline, and on the similar time, one with the sphere itself. Simply as a wave is one with the ocean, on the similar time, it’s a wave. So we’re one with the sphere itself, even when we’ve got localized consciousness.”

There may be a lot extra I might say about this e-book. I’ll depart it as much as the scientists to find out how correct it’s. What I do know from studying it’s, in the end, what I’ve at all times known-that our lives matter, that there is no such thing as a demise, and our function on this earth, as Honig states, is “to be of service. That’s the secret of the universe and of Unitive Discipline Principle. Dwell to serve and you’ll be aligned with the causal intention of Unitive Consciousness.”

For those who learn this e-book, I imagine you’ll come away a greater individual as a result of you’re a wiser one. You’ll perceive why it’s the proper factor to be form and the way intently we’re all related to 1 one other. I thank Fredrick Swaroop Honig for bringing this enlightening message to our world in a means that makes probably the most difficult science understandable as a result of, in reality, in all of its complexity, the universe has good concord in its design.

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