Matterless Universe of Which Our Universe is a Tiny Half

There are growing and accumulating bits of claims that there’s one other world on the market which isn’t materials, but up to now, has remained scientifically unknown to us. There are additionally accumulating bits of proof that such a world undoubtedly exists even though its true essence is but to be found. For instance, there are evidences of the existence of what’s labeled as “darkish power” in addition to “darkish matter” with immense powers affecting the whole lot.

The matterless world is described as an surroundings the place there’s neither time nor house. It’s argued that solely materials issues occupy house and are topic to time for his or her creation and improvement. The fabric universe is cited because the prime instance of matter which additionally applies to all of its parts reminiscent of our planet and all issues and residing creatures in it. Subsequently, when a world isn’t topic to house, it could prolong to infinity with no boundaries thus present in every single place together with inside materials issues. When it isn’t topic to time, it could exist eternally with no starting or finish. Based mostly on this description, the matterless world extends to infinity forming a universe by itself with none boundary. Being matterless, it could transcend the matter. Based mostly on the confirmed existence of “darkish power”, it could be argued that there’s such matterless universe encompassing each present factor, materials or in any other case, which can also be a supply of unbelievable power affecting the whole lot materials or else. I imagine that the matterless universe consists of “pure power”, which I’ve labeled it “Tremendous-energy”, with a extremely condensed mass and the supply of life for something that exists inside the infinite house which kinds its essence. Thus it could be correctly assumed that because the creator of life inside Its infinite area It have to be additionally extremely inventive and clever. Subsequently, It could be correctly referred to as the Creator, a completely secular being having no connection to any faith, extra like a super-scientist.

The lifetime of the whole lot notably that of people is determined by the power within the universe. Many of the power on earth comes from the solar. It travels from the solar to the earth within the rays that the solar offers off. Absorbing power makes crops to make meals on which all animals and people rely so as to create power for their very own survival. They use the power present in meals to perform. The solar’s power saved up in coal, wooden and oil is utilized by people for various functions. Power and matter are two elementary concepts in physics which aren’t utterly separate. Many physicists declare that power and matter are merely two elements of the identical factor.

Electrical energy is carefully related to power and matter. It’s really a primary function of the matter that makes up the whole lot within the universe.(World E book, 2001, Vol. E, p.190) Electrical energy and magnetism collectively make up a power referred to as electromagnetism, one of many elementary forces of the universe. Electrical power is answerable for holding collectively atoms and molecules from which mater consists. It determines the construction of each object that exists.(Ibid.) On this base we could query from the place comes the unbelievable quantity of electromagnetic power wanted to carry collectively the photo voltaic methods, galaxies and the entire universe. The matterless universe, consisting of immense power, appears the one risk.

Because the science progresses, increasingly evidences level to the existence of a universe which isn’t topic to time or house. It’s already serving to us to attain unbelievable features with out considering of its trigger. In regards to the time, take a look at the mailing system. If we write a letter to a buddy and mail it by means of the publish workplace, relying on the space, our letter could attain its vacation spot in a day or two to a number of weeks. Such vacation spot could also be 50-100 or a number of thousand miles away. If we now have to ship the identical letter to many different people, for example a marriage invitation, we now have to take the identical motion for every invitation card.

Parallel to this, at this time, we now have e-mail system by means of which we will ship the identical letter in a matter of no time no matter distance. Truly, we will ship the identical letter to one million folks on the identical second with the press of a button. The letters will attain their vacation spot the second we click on the “ship” button no matter distance. The identical will apply if the identical e-mail is distributed to a thousand addresses unfold throughout the planet overlaying the floor of the Earth. For the reason that distance and floor consult with house, the letters shall be acquired in all 1000 addresses unfold everywhere in the world in a blink of eye with no regard to the place or distance. House turns into immaterial.

In regards to the time aspect, The quickest our mind can calculate a perform by means of instruction from our thoughts will take not less than a couple of seconds. When computer systems have been invented a thousand calculation could possibly be made in a second. As we speak, a pc could make thousands and thousands of calculations towards a call in only one second. In a sophisticated laptop this determine will increase to a billion per second. One billionth of a second is equal to no time. But, there are computer systems on the way in which labeled as quantum computer systems able to making a trillion calculation per second. Consequently, scientifically we now have been in a position to remove time and house within the communication system and have entered the matterless universe with out realizing it.

We could add additionally the idea of “darkish matter”. Greater than 90 p.c of the seen universe is made up of the 2 lightest sorts of atoms hydrogen and helium. Nevertheless, it’s argued that apparently, many of the matter within the universe is invisible darkish matter. It’s a substance that has many of the mass of the universe. There isn’t a proof that darkish matter offers off, mirror or absorbs seen gentle, radio waves, Xrays, or every other form of electromagnetic power. Observations counsel that darkish matter has not less than ten occasions extra mass than seen matter has. (World E book. 2001, Vol. 5, p.37) Scientist have detected darkish matter solely by means of the affect of its gravitational power on the motions of seen matter. Many scientist imagine that darkish matter consists of undiscovered particles. (World E book, 2001, Vol.13,p.312) That is really the “non-material universe”, distinguished from the fabric in addition to matterless universes. Non-material universe embodies the fabric universe and matterless embodies all. In actuality,then, there are three universes of which we all know just one however just some hints of the opposite two. Because the science progresses, there shall be found different evidences, in the end, forcing the scientific neighborhood to just accept the existence of those three universes but with out realizing the true essence of the opposite two. This shall be a captivating second for the scientists and an thrilling level to press ahead into the limitless world of unknown the place an extremely immense world of information has been ready for billions of years to be found.

Dr. Reza Rezazadeh

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