HIV and AIDS – Fantasy Vs Drugs

Typical drugs has spent $50 billion in analysis specializing in a virus that by itself doesn’t trigger the illness. In the meantime, various docs have quietly made glorious progress in treating AIDS.

Just a few years in the past, the chief of an African nation was universally attacked on the earth press for being an “enemy of the folks,” espousing a coverage of “genocide” and letting “infants die in ache.”

Was this a monster supporting terrorists, experimenting with weapons of mass destruction or waging warfare on minorities in his nation? No, it was Thabo Mbeki, president of South Africa.

His “crime” was suggesting that his nation overview the protection of AIDS medication.

Then, including gas to the controversy, in March 2000, President Mbeki invited about 30 HIV-AIDS researchers to his presidential AIDS panel in Pretoria, together with two American biochemists, Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick.

These two Ph.D.s from the College of California at Berkeley are vocal dissidents of standard serious about HIV and AIDS.

It’s apparent that Mbeki is not any monster, however is he misinformed and misguided to query the protection of AIDS medication and absolutely the equation HIV = AIDS?

It was April 23, 1984, when Robert Gallo, M.D., of the Nationwide Most cancers Institute, introduced that he had discovered the “possible explanation for AIDS.” It was, he stated, a brand new retrovirus that he named HTLV-III (human T-cell lymphotropic virus III), which was later renamed HIV.

Gallo’s proof for this declare was not the precise isolation of a virus, however the detection of antibodies in most however not all AIDS sufferers that he and his colleagues had analyzed. (It turned out that Luc Montagnier, M.D., of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, had supplied Gallo with pattern virus proof the earlier yr, and is now given credit score because the “co-discoverer of HIV.”)

So nice was the horror and hysteria surrounding AIDS that this announcement was instantly greeted not as a possible speculation however as reality by the media and public.

There have been protests from the very outset over this leap of religion, nonetheless, voiced by some very distinguished researchers. Considered one of them was Kary Mullis, Ph.D., who acquired the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry for the invention of the Polymerase Chain Response take a look at, a mainstay of AIDS analysis expertise. In 1992 he acknowledged, “No one of their proper thoughts would bounce into this factor like [Gallo et al.] did. It had nothing to do with any well-considered science. There have been some individuals who had AIDS and a few of them had HIV not even all of them. So they’d a correlation. So what?”

Really, scientists from prestigious establishments all around the world identified many inconsistencies and contradictions within the “HIV = AIDS” principle. However, as Mbeki himself acknowledged in a letter he wrote to then – President Clinton, there was a “marketing campaign of mental intimidation and terrorism” akin to “medieval book-burning” to maintain various theories concerning the causes of the illness from being heard.

There are two so-called AIDS checks the ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbant assay) and the Western Blot take a look at. Neither of those checks detect the virus; they detect antibodies that the physique can produce in response to a lot of stimuli. False HIV positives have been brought on by at the very least 66 documented unrelated well being situations, medicines and different components, together with meals allergic reactions, vaccinations, blood transfusions, proteins on take a look at filter paper and a number of different viruses, micro organism and parasites.

Be aware additionally that antibodies usually are not an indication of an lively an infection or illness. They’re solely an indication that at one time our physique produced an immune response to an antigen.

There have been and are different cogent technical arguments in opposition to the HIV = AIDS principle, coming from internationally famend pathologists and virologists. There are, for instance, human populations who take a look at HIV optimistic however by no means develop any signs of AIDS. Dr. Mullis references a United Nations research: “The World Well being Group studied prostitutes in a little bit coastal African nation above Liberia. They discovered that 75% of the prostitutes had been HIV-positive and predicted that 5 years later half of them can be useless. In 5 years they got here again and there have been no our bodies to rely. Nonetheless the positives are HIV optimistic, in accordance with their checks.”

Additional, in animal research, there are greater than 125 chimpanzees that had been inoculated with the AIDS virus greater than 15 years in the past who’ve by no means developed AIDS.

The HIV = AIDS principle violates the elemental requirements used to find out whether or not a selected organism causes a particular illness. These guidelines are known as “Koch’s Postulates,” and had been established over 100 years in the past by German bacteriologist Robert Koch (pronounced “Koke”), who decided the causes of tuberculosis, anthrax and different ailments.

These guidelines are:

  1. The suspected organism must be current in each case of the illness, and in adequate portions to trigger illness;
  2. The agent can’t be present in different ailments;
  3. After isolation and propagation, the agent can induce the illness when transmitted to a different host.

HIV fails all three postulates: It isn’t current in each AIDS-like illness; it’s not present in one however in 30 distinct ailments; and chimpanzees inoculated with HIV have constantly did not develop AIDS, even after so long as 15 years.

What this factors to is that there are cofactors aside from HIV which might be essential to trigger AIDS that HIV by itself doesn’t trigger AIDS. Even Dr. Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV, acknowledged on the Sixth Worldwide Convention on AIDS in 1990 that he now not believed HIV by itself might trigger AIDS with out the assistance of 1 or a number of cofactors.

But all standard medical analysis has centered on killing or stopping the replication of HIV. And, as President Mbeki noticed, no vaccine has been developed and no remedy has been discovered, neither is one even in sight.

Some could argue that with extremely lively mixture antiretroviral remedy (HAART) the well-known AIDS cocktail of protease-inhibiting medication that suppress the replication of HIV life expectations have dramatically elevated.

Is not this proof that HIV causes AIDS? One should ask, nonetheless, is the final delay within the onset of AIDS signs following HIV an infection on account of these medication, or are different components at work? Actually, some various physicians who’ve success treating AIDS use anti-HIV medication extraordinarily judiciously each to attenuate toxicity and to keep away from creating resistance and use medication not as the first modality however as an adjunct to different therapies.

Jon D. Kaiser, M.D., of Marin County, California, is one such doctor. He has handled HIV infections and AIDS sufferers in his personal follow for 15 years. Dr. Kaiser’s e book, revealed in 1999, is Therapeutic HIV: The best way to Rebuild Your Immune System.

Dr. Kaiser does imagine that HIV is considerably concerned in AIDS, however he makes use of antiviral medication with the lightest contact doable. He practices what he calls a complete therapeutic program, which consists of personalized suggestions from every of seven classes:

1. Weight loss plan;

2. Nutritional vitamins and dietary dietary supplements;

3. Herbs and acupuncture;

4. Individualized train packages;

5. Stress discount;

6. Hormone balancing and

7. Medical therapies (together with antiviral and anti-HIV medication).

How profitable is Kaiser’s program? Kaiser boldly states that “the development of HIV illness in my follow is an especially uncommon occasion.” In the course of the previous 5 years, he says, caring for 500 HIV-positive sufferers, not one affected person who got here to see him with a CD4 (T cell) rely of higher than 300 cells per cubic millimeter of blood has progressed to under that degree, and never one affected person who got here to him with a CD4 rely of higher than 50 has grow to be critically sick or died from an HIV-related sickness.

Dr. Kaiser says that lots of his sufferers “really feel higher now than they ever have throughout their complete lives. This holds true whether or not they’re taking antiviral medication or not.” Most individuals with HIV, he says, can now hope to dwell regular, wholesome lives for what quantities to a traditional lifespan.

How is that this doable? One vital factor to recollect is that individuals do not die of AIDS: They die of any of 30-odd situations to which AIDS makes them inclined by degrading their immune techniques. All these ailments existed earlier than the time period AIDS was coined and HIV was found. If somebody dies who has a number of of those situations and is HIV optimistic, their demise known as an AIDS fatality. Nevertheless, if somebody with a number of of those situations dies who shouldn’t be HIV optimistic, then that demise is ascribed merely to the situation itself.

Amongst HIV-positive folks, the onset of AIDS and the manifestations of the illness range enormously however do present distinct patterns that correlate strongly with way of life. Drs. Duesberg and Rasnick, for instance, declare that leisure and pharmaceutical drug use is a standard denominator for greater than 95% of all American and European AIDS sufferers.

Additional, their knowledge exhibits that totally different medication appear to trigger distinct AIDS-related ailments. As an example, they declare that nitrite inhalants (“poppers,” extensively utilized by homosexual males within the ’70’s and ’80’s) trigger Kaposi’s sarcoma (cancerous pores and skin lesions solely not often seen in heterosexuals); cocaine causes weight reduction; and AZT causes immunodeficiency, lymphoma, muscle atrophy and dementia.

There are docs and researchers who imagine that antiretroviral medication can even do extra hurt than good.

“I’ve a big inhabitants of people that have chosen to not take any antiretrovirals,” says Donald Abrams, M.D., director of the AIDS program at San Francisco Basic Hospital. “They’ve watched all their pals go on the antiviral bandwagon and die.”

Whether or not various docs use antiretroviral medication as a part of their remedy or not, addressing drug use and the immune system injury it causes is as vital or much more vital than addressing the HIV itself. This can be a basic distinction between standard and various drugs. Typical drugs treats the signs of illness, whereas various drugs treats the affected person.

The illness syndrome we now name AIDS first got here to our consideration as an epidemic within the homosexual group. It was, in reality, initially known as GRID Homosexual-Associated Immune Deficiency. The HIV virus was unfold via sexual contact (and in addition amongst intravenous drug customers who shared needles). Many homosexual males within the ’70s and ’80s practiced a way of life that included frequent leisure drug use and a number of intercourse companions with the concomitant sexually transmitted ailments and use of antibiotics. (Semen itself is antigenic [provoking an immune-response], and when acquired in amount is immunosuppressive.) All of those components severely compromise the immune system, leaving people with few pure assets to regulate infections.

AIDS in Africa, nonetheless, is a wholly totally different story. There, HIV is epidemic all through your entire inhabitants. The immunosuppressive brokers for Africans usually are not medication or promiscuity however malnutrition and the presence of micro organism and parasites, widespread due to an absence of public well being sanitary measures.

Thus, HIV-positive Africans develop AIDS at a unique price than People or Europeans. Duesberg states that in Africa, one AIDS case is recognized for each 300 HIV positives, whereas in the USA the ratio is one AIDS case for each 20 HIV positives. He ascribes American HIV positives’ 15-fold higher AIDS danger to Western’s drugs’s reliance on poisonous anti-HIV medication.

Neither do Africans often die of the identical AIDS-related sicknesses as People and Europeans do, reminiscent of pneumocystis pneumonia. In Africa, AIDS often manifests as a losing illness, according to the diarrheal infections and malnutrition current there.

Thus it was that President Mbeki was not inclined to fight his nation’s AIDS epidemic by meekly buying tens of millions of {dollars}’ value of AZT. As a substitute, he insisted that the essential problem for South Africa was one among poverty, which brought on malnutrition and sanitation issues.

I’ve been conscious of those details for a few years. In 1994 I revealed a e book with Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O., You Do not Must Die: Unraveling the AIDS Fantasy. In its preface we acknowledged –

We don’t imagine, based mostly on the proof we’ve seen and which we are going to define, that HIV is a adequate single explanation for AIDS. Nor will we imagine that being HIV-positive leads inevitably to AIDS, or that AIDS is essentially irreversible. We do imagine that enhancement and modulation of immune perform presents a chance for restoration of well being. We sincerely imagine that this strategy will probably be more and more adopted because the HIV delusion is discredited, and that we are going to look again and marvel why billions of {dollars} have been wasted in HIV-oriented analysis.

At present, roughly 7,000 folks worldwide die of AIDS daily. A minimum of their deaths are attributed to AIDS. In actuality, they’d examined optimistic for HIV and died of any of 30 AIDS-related ailments. Given the acknowledged unreliability of HIV testing, nonetheless, this quantity may very well be wildly off.

Nonetheless, 7,000 folks die every day of one thing that standard medical remedy could not assist or fairly probably helped carry on. We do have the data and methods to stop this from taking place, however not if we stick with the bankrupt considering that AIDS is one illness with one trigger that will probably be cured with one drug.

In searching for the origin of AIDS in Africa, researchers discovered that enormous populations of apes and wild cats had been contaminated with “AIDS-like” viruses that had the potential to destroy their immune techniques. The animals’ blood was full of those viruses, killing vital numbers of blood cells, however they by no means manifested any illness signs. What does this inform us concerning the nature of those retroviruses, which many researchers declare might by no means wreak all of the injury that’s ascribed to them?

HIV is just a virus, like a whole lot of different viruses we have lived with for so long as humanity has been on the planet. Most individuals have been uncovered to influenza viruses, cytomegalovirus, herpes and Epstein-Barr. It’s all however inconceivable to eradicate these infections; they’ll solely be managed.

They do their injury when our immune techniques are less than the duty. Making an attempt to remedy ailments by specializing in the event of poisonous pharmaceutical medication geared toward killing the viruses related to them will in the end make us all extra weak to new ailments.

With no paradigm shift in the way in which we strategy AIDS, our time and money is not going to solely be wasted, however might do extra hurt than good.

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