Dernatinus The Thinker Of Historical Barbaria

“Dernatinus” is a Thinker and a Warlord from North Africa from the south of the Roman area of Lucu. He was a soldier within the Roman military however quickly rebelled in opposition to them and have become a servant of the berberic trigger and to defend the land of Barbaria. He was a thinker since he was a younger man. He went to Greece, studied philosophy and arithmetic, and returned to search out his religious pal Janayur Lacking, and The Roman Empire assassinated all his comrades and searching for him. Additionally to kill him, then he turned from the nice thinker to the fierce warrior.

He was identified for his excessive hostility to the monks and clergy, in addition to his hatred of the temples and described them as “caves of demons”

He was the religious father of all of the inhabitants of the realm the place he lived, till they later thought he was a Prophet from the Lord of Berber “IGUCH”.

Michelangelo Soderini mentioned in his ebook ” Dernatinus traveled along with his spouse Masilia past the Sea of ” the Tomb of the solar (Atlantic)” and his ebook was discovered on the finish of the seventeenth century within the south of America North.

Some sources say that he was the primary one who known as America that identify ” Amurika”

(Amur: Land and Ika: a Roman method for specific a area)

Dernatinus spoke in his ebook in regards to the historic Berber civilization, which was greater than 7000 years previous, and the way the Berbers contributed to science, philosophy, arithmetic and astronomy, in addition to being the primary to mummify the lifeless and construct shrines for the lifeless and pyramids earlier than the Egyptians in 2000 years, he mentioned that they invented writing earlier than all civilizations, for the reason that writing was initially drawings of individuals or instruments to precise sure issues, after which developed into different types, additionally talked about many unusual and mysterious names of civilizations unknown in historical past, It’s these civilizations that betrayed the berberian kingdom and conspired in opposition to it and destroyed it and obliterated its civilization.

Dernatinus talked about non secular mythology, and mentioned that man was an animal-like creature who ate and drank, however the Lord in his kingdom despatched greater than 600 souls inhabited these creatures that turned after that often known as people.

“The day of the holy return”, during which all of the souls of the 600 souls that got here from the dominion return to this world.

The Guide of Dernatinus is a ebook wealthy in historic info ambiguous and dependable within the area of mythology.

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