C P Snow and Moral Free Power

The next article belongs to analysis making an attempt to help the twenty first Century Renaissance, instigated in 2010, and which was derived from the Florentine College’s New Measurement of Humanity Undertaking. For a really particular purpose, it has been written in phrases that most people can perceive.

Scientific life-energy findings, regarding the misplaced historic Greek ‘Science for Moral Ends’, had been made by the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia, in the course of the Nineteen Eighties. The SPIE Milestone Collection of the worlds largest technological analysis institute, IEEE, in Washington, reprinted these findings as being necessary discoveries of the twentieth Century. Scientists related to these discoveries now think about that the idea of their logic is being wrongly used inside the designer drug business. It is because the unique moral content material seems to have been fully ignored. That is thought of to be such a critical life or dying concern that this layperson article has been written in an try and deliver this matter to the attention of most people.

Though the bizarre technicalities can’t be defined to most people, as a result of extraordinarily complicated nature of the know-how, a extra simplified description, alluding to its significance, might be made. This might be adopted up by what could also be thought of a scientific proof assertion, exhibiting the enormity of the scientific ethics that at the moment are being globally dismissed.

In 1959, the scientist, Sir C P Snow, throughout his well-known Rede Lecture at Cambridge College, tried to warn the world that the twentieth Century technological tradition was making a lethal gulf between the 2 cultures of science and artwork. He warned, that until a bridge was created to cross the gulf between fashionable science and its authentic Greek humanitarian ‘Science for Moral Ends’, which was fundamental to the moral Arts, then civilisation could be destroyed. Snow defined that this perilous scenario was being brought on by a misunderstanding of the regulation of common chaos, which Einstein thought was the premier regulation of all the sciences.

From that perspective, the Science-Artwork Centre has chosen one of many moral issues derived from the traditional Greek moral science. That is about how the current chaos of science, know-how, politics, faith and economics, might be modified for the betterment of the worldwide human situation, via the event of recent applied sciences. Specifically, explaining the rules upon which free vitality might be made obtainable to each house on earth. This clarification, nonetheless, is made within the face of the current international world-view, which is ruled by what the scientists, Maria Montessori and her colleague, Tielhardt de Chardin, known as the ‘Greed Power Legislation’, recognized additionally because the regulation of common chaos. If this regulation was allowed to repeatedly rule science, then they thought of that such a follow may solely result in repetitive financial chaos and its related warfare.

Twentieth Century scientific tradition was completely ruled by this regulation, which was derived from the mechanical functioning of steam engines. Einstein’s colleague, Sir Arthur Eddington, gave the regulation a non secular twist. He referred to it because the supreme metaphysical regulation of your entire universe. Nonetheless, individuals have feelings, whereas steam engines don’t, and the distinction is, as Sir C P Snow defined, certainly one of survival or extinction. Final century, the Max Planck astrophysicist, Peter Kafa, predicted the current financial collapse being brought on by an obsession with this regulation, by scientists, technologists and politicians. Kafka wrote, that when the scenario turned insufferable and ugly sufficient, then individuals would change into conscious of the logic of a brand new survival regulation, related to this text.

In the course of the twentieth Century, mainstream scientists had been unable to debate how one can construct a free vitality motor, as a result of it defied Einstein’s classification of the common regulation of chaos. Fossil fuels misplaced vitality to friction, whereas all steam engine motors ultimately rusted away. Einstein and his colleagues thought of that this vitality course of, belonged to a single vitality system, representing the workings of your entire universe. They categorised common chaos, as being in regards to the warmth vitality from dying star techniques being misplaced into chilly house. They thought that a while sooner or later, the universe would come to a everlasting halt, like a chilly and rusted out steam engine.

The one method {that a} free vitality motor may attainable exist, could be if one other common vitality system existed, which interacted with the bodily world as depicted within the misplaced Greek moral science. Twenty-first Century nanotechnology discoveries have up to date the traditional Greek engineering rules, which belonged to their religious optical know-how, related to the harmonic forces of an infinite creation, relatively {that a} finite common damaging chaos. Religious ethics is now related to the holographic functioning of the molecule of emotion, found in 1972 by Dr Candance Pert. The brand new science of quantum biology is about how the emotional vitality entangles with Einstein’s bodily actuality to be able to evolve emotional consciousness. These complicated rules now look like present process improvement inside the Designer Drug business, with none substantial moral function. This is able to outline a state of human devolution, relatively {that a} state of infinite evolution, performing in defiance of the ‘Greed Power Legislation’.

Earlier than proof is introduced to show the functioning of the inventive vitality system interacting with Einstein’s damaging one, it’s attainable to offer a residing organic instance of how little we all know in regards to the energies of friction. We now know that whereas life exists, it’s supported by each vitality techniques and the next solely alludes to the harnessing of free vitality know-how.

In 2009, Nationwide Geographic Journal printed ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society’s Organic Sciences at Cornell College’. In 2005, Kimberly Bostwick postulated that the male club-winged manakin of South America, used its feathers for producing sound to draw females, in addition to for flight and heat. Laser experiments later proved her to be appropriate. The friction brought on by the extraordinarily excessive pace rubbing collectively of fragile bio-mechanisms didn’t put on out this residing sound vitality motor.

Whereas this exceptional emotional mechanism is fuelled by the meals consumption of the chicken, it tells us that nature has engineering rules past our understanding. For instance, the manakin is the one chicken with strong wing bones and the evolutionary causes for this to happen, are properly past our current science. Nonetheless, if this musical sound vitality is related to the functioning of the cosmic vitality from dying star techniques, then we now have a technological blueprint to assemble a mannequin of the free vitality know-how, that the Einsteinian fossil gas world-view prohibited.

In prehistoric occasions the fatty acids of useless animals usually linked up with minerals to create a greasy substance. When this substance was uncovered to cosmic radiation from dying star techniques, they started to develop into crystalline buildings, similar to jasper.

Nanotechnology permits us to observes that such crystal progress doesn’t obey the Einsteinian technique of common decay. The functioning of common holographic actuality, entangling with bodily actuality, creates a crystalline sound vitality, which capabilities in defiance of the greed vitality regulation that governs international scientific tradition. This technique of the interplay of two common vitality techniques seems to be properly understood by these controlling the designer drug business. The Nobel Laureate in Drugs, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that these scientists who don’t realise that this interplay is accountable for the infinite evolution of human consciousness, relatively than its eventual extinction, are irresponsible tyrants displaying an ignorant apelike mentality.

The Greek moral science was misplaced as a result of the early Christian Church was satisfied that it was derived from the worship of the sacred geometries belonging to the Babylonian Goddess of prostitution and conflict, Ishtar. This Goddess was referred to within the Previous Testomony because the Nice Whore of Babylon. Nonetheless, the Greeks derived their moral science from the worship of the Egyptian Goddess, Maat, who was held to stop our world from reverting to chaos. Within the phrases of Florence College’s New Measurement of Humanity Undertaking, ‘It’s the time for Quantum Biology’. This turned the catch cry of the twenty first Century Renaissance, a rebirth of the misplaced ‘Science for Moral Ends’.

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