A New Definition of Science – The Textual Basis That Represents the Actual World

The Wikipedia defines science as follows. Science is a scientific enterprise that builds and organizes information within the type of testable explanations and predictions concerning the universe. Definitions from numerous sources has to do with information, investigation, research, commentary, experimentation, legal guidelines, construction, habits, rationalization and systematicity.

They describe science and scientific actions, as a substitute of stating what the enterprise is. What science seems to be like? Additionally they do not level out what permits science, why and the way people receive the aptitude to advance in science. They describe the appearances and lots of aspects of science however do not make identified the character of science. We’re going to discover out.

After writing some articles on relations between written language and science, it’s time for us to offer a brand new, text-based definition of science, which is necessary as a foundation for finishing up future discussions of associated points. We have now already proposed in earlier papers that written language is the inspiration of science.

The thought to exclude non-texts

We think about written language because the core of science, whereas non-texts are the objectives, supplies and occurrences.

Definitely, scientific actions embody each texts and non-texts. Each are indispensable, with non-texts appear to be the actual issues. With out non-texts, the world would not exist, to not point out science. Nevertheless, judging by the properties, we now determined to exclude non-texts from science. In any other case, science would come with just about all info we will expertise. That may result in uncertainty, vagueness, misunderstanding, chaos and confusion.

Moreover, we study science primarily from books and papers. The achievement of scientists is judged by their publications. Some nice discoveries are incidental. However they should be fitted into the prevailing textual framework to change into a part of the science.

When science is outlined based mostly on texts, its nature and properties might be nicely offered. Science-related investigations might be offered a transparent foundation. In truth, this definition would not contradict with the frequent definitions, since texts represent the systematic enterprise which helps the features science fulfills.

The non-scientific texts

Texts are omnipresent in our lives, recording all the pieces. However solely a portion of them is taken into account scientific texts. The scientific or non-scientific texts aren’t totally different in that they’re symbolic and sequential. Though they possess the aptitude of being science, they don’t essentially fulfil the perform.

Descriptive texts

Texts of literature, narrative, fictions, artwork, instruction, music, commercial, day by day dialog, chatting message, and many others. are descriptive and conveying. The sake of them is to explain the non-textual actuality, that are the aim, within the heart and being emphasised. This sort of texts are necessary in documenting, speaking the occasions, understanding of which aren’t reliant on the texts. The texts are peripheral to the non-texts and never making an attempt to construct their very own basis. Quite the opposite, scientific texts are wanted to grasp the phenomena due to the properties of texts and the difficulties in observing the phenomena.

Mentalistic texts

This sort of texts are foundational however do not symbolize info. Collectively, we name them mentalistic texts. They embody texts of faith, moral perception, ethical idea, philosophy, and pseudoscience. They have a tendency to heart on texts, however aren’t based mostly on info, based mostly on imprecise info or solely replicate biased info. Representing actuality isn’t their aim. Nor are they supposed to be verified. Subjectivity is a component frequent to this sort of texts. It’s some form of description or insistence on one’s personal thought, opinion and argument, refraining from modifications, rejecting challenges or denying their failure to account for the info.

Though these texts do not purpose to symbolize actuality, most of them are derived from info or imaginations. They function an emotional want, spontaneous psychological habits and alternate options to science in some circumstances. Though not being scientific, they’re nonetheless in a position to set up.


There is no such thing as a absolute distinction between descriptive, mentalistic and scientific texts. Some parts in descriptive texts or mentalistic texts may be scientific. The identical info could possibly be studied in several form of texts. For instance, texts about historical past could possibly be descriptive in the event that they concentrate on the occasions; or scientific in the event that they derive some common patterns; or mentalistic in the event that they adhere to creationism.

Certainly, scientific texts may need developed from descriptive texts and mentalistic texts. That’s the reason fashionable science was previously known as “pure philosophy”, which emerged from the combination of description of nature and the representational facet of philosophy.

The text-based definition of science

Then comes the third form of texts – science, outlined as:

Science is the textual basis that represents the actual world.

Standards of this definition

For the important thing properties of written language and science, seek advice from the paper “Language – The Core of Science”[1]. The essential ones are sequentiality and readability. Now we added a 3rd property – illustration of actuality. Being representational implies being processed, foundational, established and centered on.

The three properties are used for judgment on whether or not a textual content is scientific or how scientific it’s. Within the paper “Scientific Energy of Writing Techniques – The Features”, we had defined the sequentility and readability facets. The “illustration of actuality” facet is mentioned within the following subsection.

Institution of the illustration of actuality by way of visible processing

The important thing distinction between illustration and outline is the middle is texts for the previous, whereas non-texts being the middle of the latter. The buildup of science is predicated on current representational texts, whereas descriptive texts conform to the info as they’re. Since non-texts are centered on, the properties of texts given in The Paper aren’t absolutely exploited in descriptive texts, though which could select correct or lovely language of their composition.

The visible attribute of texts makes it appropriate for visible processing, which is required to construct a illustration of actuality. Via psychological processing of the representational texts, we’re in a position to extract consistency, commonalities and regularity, to make clear, refine and simplify info, to seek out contradictions, to find new principle by reasoning, to approve or disapprove a brand new principle, to include new theories into current information, to determine relations between current information, to arrange and categorize information because it expands. All these are achieved by intensive textual considering.

The sequential development of symbolic illustration is continually checked with info, observations and experiments for validation. The reason of the info in textual means is correct and deterministic, unlikely to alter and are relied upon, whereas the represented non-texts are themselves not sequentially associated, not clearly noticed and even invisible. Because of the infinite enlargement of observations and experiments, the textual representations additionally broaden accordingly in an orderly method.


Given the brand new definition of science, our discussions of science-related issues might be on a transparent, targeted and focused course. It turns into clear that the science-centered world is in essence based on scientific texts and the textual thoughts. Expertise, engineering and lots of life-changing practices are built-in with and reliant on the textual representations.

Within the science-text unity, we had put extra emphasis on the written language. Now, as we’re shifting in direction of science, there’s a new horizon forward.





[1] Known as “The Paper” hereafter.

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